Chu Chu was born out of the love we have for recipes from our childhoods and Eastern foods. We’ve combined these flavours together to create a menu full of funky twists that will surprise and delight you.

We understand that giving yourself time for breakfast and lunch is sometimes not an option, especially during the workday. ​Sometimes, it’s easy to compromise on dining choices if you don’t have a lot of time (especially when working in the CBD). That’s why we’ve created a menu that is fit both to grab-and-go on your way, and to come out quick and hot for a sit-in meal.

Chu Chu’s specialties are healthy, quality dishes that are prepared fast. A tight schedule doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love for food. And because our mouthwatering signature tastes come out quick, Chu Chu is also the perfect place to sit and enjoy a swift breakfast or lunch break in the middle of the CBD.